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EnamelwareEnamelware - com is mainly about enamel related products but is also about the enamel process. Enamel charms, enamel lapel pins, cloisonne, enamel cufflinks, enameling, Chinese enamelware, enamel cookware...

Speckled Enamel Dishes. Many people say these dishes are a perfect addition to any kitchen, speckled enamel dishes and similar speckled enamel kitchenware is said to provide a modern touch.

Speckled Enamel Dishes

Speckle Enamel Dishes:
Similar to Graniteware, the speckeld enamel has its own appearance and is recognised easily compared to other enamel products. Speckled enamel is mainly used in kitchenware as speckled enamel dishes apparently look suitable for dinner parties. Dishes aren't the only objects that can be coated in speckeld enamel, ornaments such as vases and jewelry can be decorated in this way.

Speckled enamel dishes are created by using two different types of enamel, to create an eye-catching design the speckles should apparently be in contrast to their background, for example black on white and contrasting colours. Speckled enamel dishes are said to be some of the most popular enamel coated products on sale. Many people claim they enjoy collecting different types of speckled enamel dishes, because some can hold certain values in an auction.

Decorative metal plating:
Its said that on some of the dishes the edging can be decorated with gold or silver plating making them more attractive and possibly more expensive then regular speckled enamel dishes.

Many of the dishes can be highly decorated with additional speckles made from metal shavings, these shavings are mixed in with the enamel paste when it is being applied to the dishes. After firing the metal is melted into the enamel which apparently gives it a glistening shine when hit by light.

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Speckled Enamel Dishes, Speckled enamel bowls (Click to enlarge)

Speckled enamel products:
Speckled enamel can be used on all sorts of items, people claim that dishes and kitchenware are mainly used because they have a large surface area for the speckled enamel to set on.

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