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EnamelwareEnamelware - com is mainly about enamel related products but is also about the enamel process. Enamel charms, enamel lapel pins, cloisonne, enamel cufflinks, enameling, Chinese enamelware, enamel cookware...

Enamel cookware has changed over the years, from the older cast iron versions of enamel cookware and the lighter aluminiums cookware around today.

Enamel Cookware, Enamel coated cooking equipment

Enamel coated Cookware:
Enamel cookware is said to have been in use for centuries, in many excavations small pieces of enameled pots and pans have been dug up from the soil. Apparently there have been cases of several pieces of in-tact enamel cookware that have been dated over 500 years old. These enamel objects claim to be held in some of the historical museums located near to where they were discovered.

Enamel cookware proerties:
Some of the major advantages of using enamel as a coating for cooking utensils are due to its density, in earlier years the enamel was applied to cast iron, this gave the pots and pans a very high density and allowed them to hold their temperature for a longer period of time.

Modern designs of enamel cookware are said to be generally made from aluminium because of their thermal applications, the enamel allows them to keep their temperature for a short while but they are claimed to be a great deal lighter than iron cast enamel cookware.

Some of the other metals used in enameling cookware may have been steel and copper. Steel was said to be used because of its strength compared to other metals, copper was apparently quite light but did not hold its temperature without a heat source for very long.

Enameled Cast Irons PotsCast Iron Pots - Similar to the cast iron cookware, enameled cast irons pots are generally larger and have many different uses although the enameled cast irons pots are less decorated.

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Enamel Cookware, modern enameled utensils

Enameling decoration:
The main decoration on cookware apparently tends to be small metal shavings that get mixed into the enamel paste. Other than this, the more eye catching enamel cookware designs are usually for show only.

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