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Enamelware.com is mainly about enamel related products but is also about the enamel process. Enamel charms, enamel lapel pins, cloisonne, enamel cufflinks, enameling, Chinese enamelware, enamel cookware...

Enamelware, Enamel kitchenware

Enameling has said to have been around for centuries, pieces of enameled pottery and metal that have been dated back to ancient Greek times have been excavated and are now in museums. Enamel (or vitreous enamel) is the result of the fusion of powdered glass to an object through the process of firing, usually between 750 and 850 degrees Celsius.

The powder melts and flows to harden as a smooth, durable vitreous coating on metal, glass or ceramic. It is often applied in a paste form and may be transparent or opaque when fired. Vitreous enamel can be applied to most metals. Enamel is said to be a very popular material to use on jewelry such as charm bracelets and necklaces. Chinese enamelware includes several different ornaments because of its high quality design.

Enamelware, Enamel Pin (Click to enlarge)

Enamel has also gained popularity on urns and vases in the form of cloisonne. Cloisonne is a developed form of art that was apparently started in one country and finished in another, the Chinese were the ones who claimed to develop the "perfect" form of cloisonne.

Kitchenware also falls under the category of enamelware, enamel was used in coating kitchenware because of its high tolerance to heat and because it could be applied to many metals which were useful in cooking such as iron.

Decorating Enamelware:
Enamel is said to be mainly decorated with different colours of enamel and metal plating, the metals used can be gold, silver and platinum. The metalwork of the object is the part which gets plated with the metals, the enamel is polished to give it a glossy finish.

Enamel AccessoriesEnamel Accessories - Lots of details related to Enamel accessories such as Enamel Charms, Enamel Lapel Pins, Enamel Cufflinks, 14k Enamel anklets and Wholesale Enamel cancer awareness pins.

CloisonneCloisonne - Read all about the creation of cloisonne as well as information about Cloisonne Urns, the creation of Cloisonne Vases and also Antique Cloisonne Buckles.

EnamelingEnameling - Enameling goes back a along way, there are many different methods of enameling, how the technique is done and also what it is used for.

Chinese EnamelwareChinese Enamelware - Both Cloisonne and Chinese enamelware, which are said to be the most highly recognized in the Chinese enameling art. Chinese enamelware has also influenced other enamelware in other countries.

Enamel CookwareEnamel Cookware - Enamel cookware has changed over the years, from the older cast iron versions of enamel cookware and the lighter aluminiums cookware around today.

Enamel Patch BoxEnamel Patch Box - A small insight to the small enamel patch boxes and what they are used for, what materials they are made from and their decorations.

GranitewareGraniteware - Granite is said to be a very popular material to make kitchenware from because if its appearance and natural style. Graniteware can be a popular kitchen object.

Enamel Oval FrameEnamel Oval Frame - These frames are said to be quite difficult to make due to their shape, many people say the effort put into making the enamel oval frames shows when they are finished.

Speckled Enamel DishesSpeckled Enamel Dishes - Many people say these dishes are a perfect addition to any kitchen, speckled enamel dishes and similar speckled enamel kitchenware is said to provide a modern touch.

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